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About me: Hummm.. I enjoy making things.. LOTS of things.. jewelry, crafts, artwork, sculpture, baking.. I am 100% COMMITTED to nesting my little savings from the sales of my unique jewelry and other items to purchasing my own Vintage Trailer and Renovating it! I want nothing more than to travel the country and see the world from my little retro caravan. My hubby Fishes & Hunts... and I STEAL HIS TACKLE! When we get a break from raising 7 kids, we'd like to get out on the road, in our little trailer, he will fish & hunt all day, while I make crafts and bake in the trailer, then get out on the town.. or see the mountains or backroads of wherever the road takes us! VERY ROUTE 66 STYLE.. with a MOD FLARE!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fresh "Jigs" from Middlewych England!

This pair (along with many others) have been made with hand tied flies straight from Middlewych England.  I have a contact over there that just sent me a fresh batch of multiple types of flies.  This set features Rabbit, and marabou.  I have wire wrapped the top with lime green crafter's gauge wire.. included 1 clear Swarovski Crystal in the wire, and 1 peacock colored Swarovski Crystal on each hook.  As always, the crystals are permanently attached, however should it ever come off, I have grinded down the barb, and the hook itself for safety.  This pair retails for $15.  (((( NOW ON SALE FOR $12.99!!!))))

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