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About me: Hummm.. I enjoy making things.. LOTS of things.. jewelry, crafts, artwork, sculpture, baking.. I am 100% COMMITTED to nesting my little savings from the sales of my unique jewelry and other items to purchasing my own Vintage Trailer and Renovating it! I want nothing more than to travel the country and see the world from my little retro caravan. My hubby Fishes & Hunts... and I STEAL HIS TACKLE! When we get a break from raising 7 kids, we'd like to get out on the road, in our little trailer, he will fish & hunt all day, while I make crafts and bake in the trailer, then get out on the town.. or see the mountains or backroads of wherever the road takes us! VERY ROUTE 66 STYLE.. with a MOD FLARE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Once Upon a Fly

This is about my journey finding the perfect flies.  I find myself browsing, carousing and all together muddling through the online world of fly fishing.  I'm looking for a specific Fly.  The Dumbell Bunny Leech.. in purple to be exact.  My favorite fly shop with the best prices has been out for months, their online store doesn't carry them.. ebay is dried up.. Etsy's never heard of them.. Cabella's, Bass Pro, Discount Flies.com, Orvis.. you name it, it's not happening.. What are the odds that one of my most sought-after earrings are made from these little buggers! Well, NON BUGGERS.. because BUGGERS.. there are a plenty of!  Wooley-buggers.. Flash buggers.. you name it!  What I have learned the most about my shopping/searching for the perfect flies is... I LOVE FLIES!  I love everything about them.. I love how their made, how they look, the names, what they are used for.. all of the specifics.. I just so happen to Love them as earrings the most!  I know the men all shudder in the fly shop of my local Outdoor store.. I walk in and they are like "there's the earring lady again" .. and one rushes to me and says "we still haven't got a shipment yet.. check again in 2 weeks".. REALLY.. are they really that aggravated with little ol' me.. making jewelry from their precious fishing equipment?!?!  What they don't realize, is that I actually DO have a very fond attraction to the actual sport!  I may not be a fisherman but I am an AVID Spectator and soon to be Avid Fly Tie-R extraordinaire!  FOLLOW ME ON MY FLY JOURNEY!   

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fresh "Jigs" from Middlewych England!

This pair (along with many others) have been made with hand tied flies straight from Middlewych England.  I have a contact over there that just sent me a fresh batch of multiple types of flies.  This set features Rabbit, and marabou.  I have wire wrapped the top with lime green crafter's gauge wire.. included 1 clear Swarovski Crystal in the wire, and 1 peacock colored Swarovski Crystal on each hook.  As always, the crystals are permanently attached, however should it ever come off, I have grinded down the barb, and the hook itself for safety.  This pair retails for $15.  (((( NOW ON SALE FOR $12.99!!!))))

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NEW FLY JIGS coming soon! Straight from the U.K. Special order!

Coming soon.. all new flies purchased from "across the pond".. very unique! Stay tuned to see the latest items that are not available anywhere else!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Currently for Sale on ETSY

Welcome to my Fish Jig Blog!

Every Year I travel to and from Lexington Ky, to Matlacha (Pine Island) Florida.  Back and Forth.  I have family, friends, and lots of interests in BOTH places! These are my 2 homes and I have decided to go on a journey of creation utilizing different and unique items that reflect my love of the outdoors in both places.. I create FISH JIG JEWELRY.. using fresh water, saltwater, deep sea and fly fishing lures, baits, jigs & flies.  I also use Hunting equipment from time to time.  You'll find FISH, FEATHERS & FRIENDS here!  I'll be posting pics, stories and travel experiences.  My dream is to own and restore a VINTAGE SHASTA TRAILER or VINTAGE AIRSTREAM TRAILER and do this full time.  (well mostly full time.. I'll keep the day job!) Join me on my journey to starting my dream though, I'm creating a SAVINGS niche where I am counting all my pennies from my FISH JIG sales.. to go toward the PERFECT CARAVAN TRAILER!

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